We are closer and closer to the release.

The new version allows to destruct everything (walls, towers, trees)!

I'll publish a video soon, but for now here is the screenshots.

This is how the map looks at the beginning:

Few minutes later:

Thanks to my sponsors!

You are amazing guys!

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Can't wait! Your Rad Raid trilogy was a fantastic experience (especially part three which was utterly ingenious!). :)

He-he-he. Working on it right now...

By the way, what about "Red Raid: The infiltrating"? 

I am missing your feedback about it!

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I just noticed I wrote "Rad" instead of "Red"... too much red wine for me this lunch I guess... ;)

I love "the infiltrating"! It's such a cool twist being the weird alien parasite and using its different powers. And the puzzle design begins easy but becomes more and more difficult and demands quite some thinking. I'm not completely finished yet and had to take a break (real life issues...) but be assured that I'll give you that feedback in the near future. :)