About two hundred brave men and women broke out of the cursed world and headed for the stars.

They passed all their experience to you, and each of you became an expert and took his place in the staff schedule of the ship.

A reconnaissance team has landed on the planet. After a while, communication with it was lost.

One mech is allocated to you. Take a seat in the dropship and proceed to the last known coordinates.

Remember that the fate of the colonists depends on the success of your actions.

You are incapable of failure.

Development log


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We like when centipede eats robot head.Also, music is outstanding. Good work !

Thank you for so kind feedback!


Great game!

Thanks! Enjoy! ;) 

Hy. What tracker did you use to make your music ?


The music is written by utz. He using his own tracker.

You can find more on his website: https://www.irrlichtproject.de/


The loading screen looks nice indeed, now I am waiting to see more of the game. Best wishes with the contest mate! ;-)

Thanks friend! In progress. :)