You have been accepted into the mercenary guild. As your first mission, you are tasked with raiding the enemy base. You have additional stimulus. Enemies have stolen your bunny!

The task will be difficult and will require from you not only reaction, but also thinking.

Get ready for everything!

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That's a damn fine game! Lovely graphics, clever gameplay, a great mix between action and puzzle. It's so incredibly satisfying to use the environment to defeat enemies. Well done! :) I also tried the Android version but I think the controls work much better on a real keyboard than on touchscreen.

Thanks a lot for your feedback! 

You should try "Red Raid: The infiltrating..." as well! :) 

The version for Android is only an experiment. Probably I will release the other games for it as well and implement keyboard controll. 

I'll play them all, that's for sure! :) I'll begin playing the next part of the trilogy today. Which one is part 2?

The sinking...

Thank you! :)