The alien infected Redrick and arrived on Mars in his body to infiltrate the base and capture it for his own purposes.

However, Redrick has his own plans for his future.

Be sharp and get ready for anything!

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Development log



This is great. A genius puzzler. Congratulations

Thanks mate! You should try "Red Raid: The infiltrating...". It will blow up your mind. :) 


It is in fact Infiltrating I'm talking about:) Hey mate, since I'm going to review your game(s) for the italian Zzap! can I ask you more questions here or do you prefer private messaging/email?

Sure mate! 

Just mail me to zxbitles(at) or in Telegram @Krom1981. I will publish your review here and in my Facebook: 

By the way, you can use FB, if you want. 


gracias por el juego

You are welcome amigo! ;) 


Hi!. I can't find the purchase link for this game alone (the link is present in the other two games individually and also in the bundle pack for all three games). Thanks

Hi friend!

Thanks for attracting my attention. Now its available.


Yes. Now it's working :-). I have just bought the game. Thank you!

You are welcome! Have a nice gameplay!


Can't find the download link.

Sorry. My bad. Now it fixed. Thank you.



The trilogy is finished! 

Please let us know your opinion.

Hello guys!

The game is ready. We are preparing the last things and going to release the game soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and you'll not miss the release!

This game (and the trilogy) will be available on cassettes as well and published by Matranet in EU.