Something went wrong. Redrick waking up in the darkness on the submarine. What happened? What should he do? 

Well, this you must find out and escape from the sinking submarine.

Get ready for everything!

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Really enjoyed this. Spectrum needs more titles that push what we expect from a Spectrum game and this is one of them. Very interesting, very playable. The guys on my stream all enjoyed it immensly too.

Thank you for making these games for my fave system :)

Thank you so much for a feedback! :) 

I just finished The Sinking. Compared to the first game it's more on the short side but a very enjoyable experience ! I like the fact that the first part is more on the adventure and exploration side and the second action. I'll continue with The Infiltration. :)

Enjoy! The third part has absolutely different gameplay. :) 

Yes, I began playing the third part. What a great narrative twist! I very much enjoy it, and it's quite puzzle heavy with the different abilities. I'm astonished how every one of these three games is different in gameplay from the others and still keeps the overall tone.

Thanks friend! 

Your feedback is very valuable for me!